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Vitor Duarte
Current Residence: Quinta do Conde, Portugal
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin The Martian!!!
Personal Quote: Sarcasm is the resource of a Sick Mind !!
Well, as some of u know i was banned 4 a week... FOR DOING NOTHING WRONG!!! :innocent:

And that is what is really annoying...  :pissed:

Lets call the 2 interveniant deviants Mr. X and Mr Y!
Well, it all started with a comment i made to MR. X saying :
"The colours could be a bit better... "

Mr. X replied saying that it was a WIP (Work in progress) therefore he did not allow such a comment!!
I then told him that i could only comment the work i could see posted, wether is WIP or not!
If he was working on the colours he could have commented it on the deviation's description!! :lick:

After that he said that he did not want me to comment his further works... to wich i said : "No Problem! But i comment the way i see fit!" And i never saw Mr. X again...

To my surprise a friend of Mr.X (yes, Mr. Y :lol:) addresses me by replying my comment to Mr. X, saying that i shouldnt comment like that and that i should be more specific.... I stated that comment the way i see fit and that i was not rude and didnt offend the artist... and i went to see Mr. Y's gallery and commented in a specific way... wich he did not like!!!!! (imagine that! :aww:)

Anyway he then tried to teach me HOW TO COMMENT!!
Isnt that cute ?  :paranoid:
I told him that i could only comment what i could see and that i was always honest!!

More, he was telling me that the mistakes/flaws i found on his art were inexistent because he meant the piece to look like that... and i said that TO ME it had mistakes, starting with his proportions and the character's eyes...

He interpreted then, that i was trying to change his style! :omg:

To wich i replied that i wasnt! It's just that beeing his art, that does not mean it is flawless!!! To him there are no mistakes but to me there are!

After that he started to call me a "know-it-all kind of guy" that had a huge Ego!!  :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

To wich i responded that i was sorry if i seemed to be a  "know-it-all kind of guy" and that he didn't know me at all!! That's not me at all!

Can u belief that a guy that thinks his art is perfect and wants to teach me how to comment, was calling me Egocentric ??? :chainsaw:
After that we agreed to do no more commenting on each other's work and we both removed the :+devwatch:

He then called his little friends to take my comments off his page, and they just spammed away on Mr. Y's page...   :spammer:
I got there and replied to 2 comments of his friends(spammers) on his page, and I was the one acused of Spamming and harassment...
Unbelieavable, eh ?!  :!:

I think he his taking something that is harming his judgement....  :pills:

In a final comment he insults me, and says that i must have broken "some rule" on the DA policy and reports me to the Admins! :threaten:
So i out their icons on my page with a remark : "No point on seeing their work! Can't take a comment!!"

And guess who got Banned 4 a week ?!?! Urs truly, obviously... And No, Mr. Y didn't suffer any kind of punishment...

:bulletred: If any1 wants to know who Mr. X and Mr. Y are please note me!I'll be glad to tell :!:

:bulletred: P.S. : In case ppl still haven't noticed,here on DA there are ppl posting WIP just to get more comments and pageviews... besides that if u are a member be careful with what u say because if u start an argument with an Official Beta Tester, or a Subscriber, or any1 above the member status U are the one that gets punished!!
It's sad that the status of an artist influences the judgement of a situation, and not who is right or wrong... :ashamed:

:bulletred:A special Thanks to my best friend outside as well as inside of DA :

       :spotlight-left: :iconrocketdude: :spotlight-right:

Thanks 4 ur support, bro!  :hug:  

:bulletred: I support  :spotlight-left: :iconlarafairie: :spotlight-right: due to Copyright problems in her art

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